I’ve been on the hunt for great positive things to write about in the Homestead area and think I may have hit on the “mother lode” of positivity.
My daughter has had the opportunity to go horseback riding with a local organization called The Good Hope Equestrian Training Center, and I have to say what an absolutely brilliant experience it was for her to get into their program. They focus is on hippo-therapy with special needs kids and watching the staff yesterday it was totally awe-inspiring.
She had taken horseback lessons before riding Western style so knew a little about it already, but they ride English style here and it was a bit different. She has her own riding helmet and put it on at the house and rode all the way to the farm with it on in anticipation.
We drove out to 147th Ave in the Redlands and came up to the horse farm which was beautifully maintained and landscaped with split rail coral type fences all around. The program was started in 2000 by a lady named Dr. Peggy Bass, PhD. who is a very accomplished Behavioral Specialist and horse lover as well. “Peg” as they call her was definitely in command and later she told me she started this to bridge her career and passion for horses together. There were some other children there, one a little girl about 7-ish who was quite severe and she cried and wailed for her mom much of the time. In the beginning at least… Another little boy about the same age was there and had little articulation skills other than making noises and squeals.




Peg got all the kids loaded on the horses which was no easy task in the one case and they were off. They use large concrete ramps so they’re wheelchair accessible.
We’re not talking “my little pony” ride at Santa’s Enchanted Forest here by the way, these were adult mid and full sized gorgeous beasts that were just as gentle as lambs and they were able to handle whatever the rider would throw at them, yelling, screaming, kicking, you name it. As they got going the little girl calmed down and then by the end didn’t want to get off. The boy when they would stand still would make noises and Peg yelled over “he’s not fussing he wants to keep moving”, and so the staff got moving.
My daughter said she was a little nervous when they would go quickly and trot, but handeled herself beautifully and we’re looking forward to her being able to continue this long in the future.
I’m sure there’s a lot more of this kind of thing out there, ya’ll let me know about it so we can highlight it and bring out the inner beauty which is Homestead. (yak!)