I’ll be the first in and first out probably today so here’s the run down so far at the LPC.

The music was just awesome, there were some sound issues at first but Zech do’d the voodoo he do’s so well and got that squared away by the 2nd song. The band played a killer set, definately some of my favorites: Holy is the Lord, Better days, Hosanna, and Doxology (David Crowder version) it was just rippin!

They showed the video of the Baptism from a couple weeks ago and saw some friends get baptized. Viola LaFaille and her son, Lisa and Stephanie Trinadad (my neighbors), and Zech (also my neighbor), along with about 10 other people. Pretty, pretty, pretty awsome to see God’s kingdom grow that way. The LPC is having hand in changing this little Homesead town one face at a time. I can’t wait to see it unfold the same way down on the southside, the Keys are ready. Ya know it kind of makes sense if we’re praying for His revival and spiritual awakening in South Florida He’d set up points North, South, East, and West, with Homestead as the epicenter.

Travis delivered a really good message on working hard and resting hard. He gave an endearing example of my friend Ela Bella and how she struggles physically, but is a GIANT in the work of the Kingdom. In my mind we should all be ashamed of ourselves if we’re not putting forth that kind of effort, I will admit personally I’m not. You ROCK Ela!

OK I got to go hit the books and get ready for my exam, hope to hook back up with the LPC crew this week to play I’m missing ’em something harsh.