Here’s a different slant we haven’t heard too much about, but I’ll bet we’ve all thought it. A very good frind of mine Terry Brown sent a letter to the editor to the local newspaper in Salida Colorado and was printed.


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We need a better interview process
Dear Editor:I’ve owned and ran businesses for 30 plus years and early in my career I became a certified interviewer with the company I was at.

Not just anyone can interview someone for a job, you’ve got to know how to ask questions – questions that pertain to the job being sought. You don’t just hire someone because you have a gut feeling.

Actually, it’s against the law to do that – you must be able to explain why someone wasn’t hired over someone else.

America needs to become educated on how to hire someone. This election just screams of a need to change our hiring process. Only three debates between the two major sides, and only one debate for the VPs?

Aren’t these folks going to be working for us? Why only three debates? Who gets to decide this? Why not have a debate every week? It’s an important job, why do we allow such a circus to be controlled by the candidates?

I’d like to grill them each like the rest of us are interviewed for a job – or do they not interview applicants for federal positions anymore?

Let’s see – if I was being interviewed, I’m sure I’d have to supply what my accomplishments were in the past and then I’d have to provide some sort of proof of them, and they would weigh my resumé against others.

If my resumé was inaccurate, I could be terminated due to providing false information on my application – does these presidential guys have to fill out an application – why not?

Next, I’d have to go through background checks to see if I had anything in my past which might make me a security risk, as you would obviously be required to have the highest of security clearances – have either passed this?

My parents always told me “the folks you hang out with defines you.”

Finally, I would be told what my job responsibility would be – not the other way around.

The American citizens should step up and prioritize it for them – not allow our candidates to say what their priorities are – that’s why we get into messes all of the time – as soon as someone becomes president, they often think they are God (or the Messiah).

I could run thousands of TV ads to tell folks I wanted to hire me what I wanted them to see, or what I wanted them to see of the other person going after the same position I was applying for – but does that answer all of the questions as to who can do the job better?

Why are there only 4.5 hours of debates?

We need a better interview process.

Terry Brown, Maysville