I’ve done a blog for a while now and got so busy that it kind of went on the back burner, but lately I’ve had some serious thoughts rattling around lately and I’m not real sure just how to organize or present them but here we go. Some have asked when are you going to start blogging again? I think today.
I’ve felt for a while now something is stirring and it could be a massive movement of God, or maybe a massive movement from His people into or away from His direction. But there seems to be a galvanizing on one hand and a true polarizing of the people in this country on the other.

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m an unabashed Independent Conservative Moderate with strong leanings to conspiracy theorist and Constitutionalist tendencies and have had this notion for a while now (even when G-Dub was prez) that our economy is being artificially driven out of control for a reason. I have thought for a long time that we are headed for a one world currency in our lifetime and that’s one of the signs foretold in the bible that “JC will soon be krunkin’ in da hizzy”. Many think this is preposterous and the vain ramblings of a zealotous dillusionalist… but wait till you see what I found out today.
(I make up a lot of words just roll with it school marm,,,)

Everyday I hear about how we’re spiraling deeper in debt as a nation and now we seem to have total 100% participation by ALL of those knuckleheaded-dingleberried- cheeseball-bean brains we have elected to “represent us” that just seem to be hell bent on taking us there. And really REALLY fast! Like in the next couple of weeks even!

Not only that but in recent weeks we’ve even seen them thumb there noses and just simply flip us the bird and tell us “we’ll tell you what’s right for you”. I couldn’t (or wouldn’t I guess) understand why they would deliberately take us down this path. Every move they make just seems so illogical. If they really cared about the U.S., then why would they seek to dismantle it and “hope to change” it?

I guess I still have this schoolboy naïve thought from Civics lessons that we are the greatest nation on the planet and that I was one of the lucky generation that still got to say without rolling the eyes; “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; and to the Republic for which it stands”. Oh yeah and “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. I still believe we have it encoded in our DNA. Oh and we don’t generally stand down from a good fight either usually.
Don’t Tread on Me homeboy!

Today Dingy Harry and Nancy Pukelosi had a meeting with the Defender of the Universe President Obamination (who found time before addressing the nations yutes of Amirka) in an effort to ram the healthcare bill down our throat with only the support of the Dim’s and be damned what the rest of the country thinks or wants.
(I’ll be happy to weigh in on my thoughts for healthcare … later hold that thought)

I tend to believe it’s just one more of the things that will hasten the return of our Lord.

Another puzzle: Why has the left and even the not so left so seemed to have embraced Communism, Socialism, Statism, and Progressivism (which are just words for Oppressive-ism and is 100% proven to not be as effective as a Capitalist-Republic (for which it stands))?
The Communist pig Michael Moore is making a documentary on the “Evils of Capitalism” and Comrade Oliver Stone has just released a film on his new hero Ugo Chaves.

Think it’s just a passing fad, Ugo says this: “”I have no reason to call him (Obama) the devil, and I hope that I am right,” Chavez told reporters in Venice.
“With Obama we can talk, we are almost from the same generation, one can’t deny that Obama is different (from Bush). He’s intelligent, he has good intentions and we have to help him.”

Just gag me.

OK folks even my Cuban buddy Jose Lopez at work (real person by the way and a really awesome guy) said: “OK what don’t people get when Fidel and Ugo both like this guy”.

Simply brilliant!

Below is plenty of proof just from today’s headlines about our bloated over spending. China is now worried that our bonds are toxic.

We are spending and printing more $$$ than ever in the history of the planet.

We are headed for massive hyper inflation.

The CIC/POTUS will ask Congress to raise the ceiling on spending so our economy doesn’t collapse and the Gov’t won’t shut down.

OH yeah and by the way “HERE’S YOUR SIGN!”

More to come…